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The Brazilian Humboldt Kolleg 2016 titled “Environments: technoscience and its relation to sustainability, ethics, aesthetics, health and the human future” will promote a fruitful space and time for interaction of researchers once supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), very prominent representatives from important Brazilian and German institutions, aiming at promoting relevant discussions on educational, scientific and technological challenges that Brazil faces nowadays, based on our successful Brazilian-German experiences. Moreover, it will also provide a welcoming environment for junior researchers seeking for opportunities to study in Germany.

The event was conceived as inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary event in order to aggregate Humboldtians, and interested ones, to get to know these researchers, to learn where they are, what they work on and how the Humboldt experience has impacted their lives and careers, including the cultural aspects.

There will be a session for announcing initiatives, for instance the study programs and fellowships available, presented by partner institutions such as the German Consulate, DAAD, DFG and AHK-SP. Considering this, we will be able to count on the valuable organisational support of the German Center for Research and Innovation – São Paulo (DWIH-SP).


The Brazilian Humboldt Kolleg 2016 will take place in São Carlos, SP, known as the Paulista Athens. The city nowadays is a pole for RD&I and has a significant role to drive Science and Technology policies in Brazil. Our aim is to attract top junior researchers from our region, known as the place with the highest density of PhDs/Km² in Brazil. The event will be held at the Conference Center of Advanced Materials and Energy Research (CPqMAE), a large state-of-the-art RD&I cluster at UFSCar.

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Brazilian Humboldt Kolleg 2016

Environments: technoscience and its relation to sustainability, ethics, aesthetics, health and the human future

Conference Centre Slaviero Hotel and Federal University of São Carlos, campus São Carlos, Advanced Materials and Energy Research Centre (CPqMAE)

November 3 – 5th, 2016

Thursday 3/11

Friday 4/11 (CPqMAE, UFSCar)

Saturday 5/11 (CPqMAE, UFSCar)



Registration (pick up materials and badges) + Welcoming Coffee


Prof. Dr. K. Lips (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

Looking for a needle in a haystack – ultra-sensitive in-operando detection and imaging of paramagnetic defects in silicon solar cells

Chair Prof. Dr. C. Graeff




Opening Session


Representatives UFSCar


Prof. Dr. Dr. V. Zuin (UFSCar, president of the Clube Humboldt Brasil) Chair


Plenary Lecture Prof. Dr. W. L. Maar (UFSCar)

Conflictive dimensions of present socialization: Emancipatory transformation potentialities?

Prof. Dr. P. Pimenta (USP)

Computer simulation of flexible thin bodies

(Georg Forster Research Award, AvH)



Prof. Dr. A. A. Curvelo (USP)

Sugarcane biorefinery: raw materials and products defining the process



Prof. Dr. M. de Paoli (UNICAMP)

Case study: reinforced drop-in bioplastic composed of green HDPE, cellulose and lignin



Round-Table (Sustainability in science)

Dr. S. Fuchs (German Consulate), Dr. C. A. Scaramuzza (MMA), Ms. C. Soares (CAPES), Prof. Dr. V. Bolzani (SBPC)

Chair Prof. Dr. V. Bolzani (SBPC)

Prof. Dr. R. Albuquerque (USP and Liverpool John Moores University)

On the use of porous nanomaterials to photoinactivate E. coli

with natural sunlight irradiation





Coffee Break



Study & Research in Germany

DWIH-SP (M. Weichert), DAAD (A. Barkhausen), DFG (C. Wolf), AHK Brasil (T. Timm) and AvH (Prof. Dr. M. Freitas, UFRJ)

Chair M. Weichert (DWIH-SP)



Dr. R. White (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems)

Renewable energy in the context of sustainable chemicals, fuels and feedstocks provision

Chair Prof. Dr. H. Eckert (USP)


Dr. I. Montanari Jr. (UNICAMP)

The use of pharmacological research as a tool in the domestication of medicinal plants

Chair Prof. Dr. F. Costa (USP)




Prof. Dr. H. Eckert (USP and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster)

Publish and/or perish: modern strategies of publishing


Prof. Dr. F. Costa (USP)

The influence of environment in the chemical profile of a medicinal plant: a model for environmental metabolomics



Prof. Dr. T. Mendes (USP)

Quark Confinement: a million-dollar question


Dr. F. C. M. Amato (UNIFESP) Gynecomastia Brazilien website



Prof. Dr. P. Kaminski (USP)

One Humboldtian engineer, the global engineering and its consequences

Prof. Dr. D. Boito (USP)

Understanding the fundamental forces of the universe

Prof. Dr. L. Gasparotto (UFRN)

Bioconjugated gold nanoparticles as efficient contrast agents for colorectal cancer cell imaging




Prof. Dr. M. C. M. Amato (USP)

The progress in preventing stenosis of the heart: the evolution of ideas

Prof. Dr. J. Villas-Bôas (UFU)

Using nanocavity to investigate light-matter interactions for quantum information


Prof. Dr. P. Tardioli (UFSCar)

Production of maltose syrup catalyzed by CLEA of amylase using starch enzymatically recovered from cassava bagasse as substrate




Prof. Dr. C. Graeff (UNESP)

Influence of different oxide layers on the performance of perovskite solar cells

Prof. Dr. G. Canuto Silva (UFABC)

Integration of embedded systems and cyber-physical systems: a proposal based on machine learning


Dr. B. Perlatti (UFSCar)

Evaluation of the biotechnological potential of insect-associated microorganisms for production of high value-added products




Prof. Dr. A. S. S. Camargo (USP)

Glasses and glass ceramics: a world without them?


Prof. Dr. R. Koberle (USP)

Crotalus Terrificus: it has the most accurate infrared detector in the world


Prof. Dr. R. J. M. Afonso (ITA)

Sense avoidance constraints for conflict resolution








Assembly Club Humboldt do Brasil




Prof. Dr. U. Schröder (UFMG)

Documenting and analyzing intercultural experiences in elicited talk-in-interaction: a linguistic perspective

Chair Prof. Dr. F. Marshall



Prof. Dr. C. Oliveira (UFSC)

A connection between poor reproducibility and publication biasin the biomedical sciences: a clue from basic antidepressant research

Chair Dr. E. Cheng (Instituto Butantan)


Prof. Dr. A. Gelpi (University of Miami)

Evidence and advocacy: the history and future of mental health reform in Latin America
Chair Prof. Dr.
N. Oliveira (PUC-RS)


Prof. Dr. A. Rodrigues Filho (UFMG)

Rationality, contradictions and conflicting evidence

Chair H. Dottori (UFRGS)




Prof. Dr. F. Marshall (UFRGS)

Warburg in the age of techno-memory


Dr. E. Cheng (Instituto Butantan)

New strategy for purification of human plasma immunoglobulin M starting with a gel filtration column


Prof. Dr. Ana Sofia Carvalho (Porto University)

Research integrity: an ethics framework for researchers

Prof. Dr. H. Dottori (UFRGS)

Anthropic principle: reality or fantasy?



Prof. Dr. H. Cukierman (UFRJ)

The sociotechnical approach: the challenges to software engineering

Prof. Dr. T. Marrara (USP)

Environmental impact assessment and licensing in Brazil


Prof. Dr. N. Oliveira (PUC-RS)

Moral reasoning in neuroethics: on ritalin, adderall and the normative challenges of cognitive enhancement


Prof. Dr. R. H. Pich (PUC-RS)

Peace and Just Peace




Prof. Dr. W. Carnielli (UNICAMP)

Big data, e-science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence: is there such a bright future for humans?


Prof. Dr. F. Hallwass (UFPE)

Residual dipolar coupling (RDC) and residual chemical shift anisotropy (RCSA): a tool for the analysis of configuration

Prof. Dr. A. P. Bortoleto (UNICAMP)

Improving solid waste reduction programs by predicting waste prevention behavior

Prof. Dr. F. V. Cerqueira (UFPel)

Athens in Brazil? São Luís, São Carlos, Pelotas… From North to South, the reception of Antiquity in the tropics (1860-1930)


Registration (pick up materials and badges)

Slaviero Executive Hotel (Conference Centre)


Prof. Dr. L. Villas Bôas (UFRJ)

Translating the public sphere

Prof. Dr. C. Soleo (UNESP)

Expanding the concept of performance in LC

Prof. Dr. P. Hackspacher (UNESP) Sustainability and exploitation on coast and oceanic regions 

Prof. Dr. L. S. Duarte Silva (UFG)

Humanism and Nature




MSc. M. C. Mendes (UFMG)

Systems for the analysis of talk-in-interaction: EXMARaLDA & GAT2

Prof. Dr. R. L. Carneiro (UFSCar)

Thin Layer Chromatography

Prof. Dr. F. Brandini (USP)

The potential for seafood and macroalgae production in offshore waters of Southern Brazil


Dr. M. N. Müller (USP)

Phytoplankton in the future ocean




Coffee Break


Coffee Break


Poster Awards (RSC and Springer)



Introducing the theme
Dr. D. Vicentin (FESPSP) Technology, politics and standards: the wireless-mobile convergence

Prof. Dr. P. Rocco (UFRJ)

Is there any perspective for the use of stem cells in respiratory diseases?
Chair Prof.
Dr. M. Freitas


Prof. Dr. M. Araujo (UERJ)

The “homo prostheticus” is back: the current debate on the ethics of human enhancement and the prosthetic limbs of the interwar years

Chair Dr. K. Pötter (UFRGS)


Prof. Dr. I. Eilks (Universität Bremen)

Science education and education for sustainable development

Chair Prof. Dr. F. P. A. Soethe

Prof. Dr. Daltro J. Nunes (UFRGS)

What Computer Science is




Prof. Dr. A. Leitão (USP)

One target and two pathologies: the study of inhibitors of cysteine proteases linked to antiparasite and antineoplastic activities


Dr. K. Pötter (UFRGS)

Environmental impact of a housing project in Porto Alegre’s metropolitan area

Prof. Dr. P. A. Soethe (UFPR)

Digital humanities and the future of the past: the example of the presence of German newspapers in the Brazilian public sphere

(Jacob- und Wilhelm-Grimm-Preis DAAD)


Prof. Dr. R. Koberle (USP)

Visiting Xavante communities in 1954

Prof. Dr. A. Amaral (USP)

Considering Conformational flexibility in drug design: an example applied to Dengue virus NS2B/NS3pro inhibitors

Dr. G. G. Gasiola (USP)

The future of regulation and its control: techno-regulation, human rights and urban mobility

Prof. Dr. P. Goergen (UNICAMP and UNISO)

Bildung heute: was hat uns Humboldt zu sagen



Prof. Dr. M. Mello (UFMG)

Bridges between worlds in multilayer ecological networks

Dr. M. Vujinovic (USP)

Vertex functions and bound states in strongly interacting theories (Austrian Science Fund, FWF)


Prof. Dr. A. A. S. Zuin (UFSCar)

YouTube and students cyberbullying teachers in Brazil


Mr. U. Fernandes* (Uato)

Xingu communities (Kalapalo representative:

Mr. Ninako)

2016 Jabuti Award*

Prof. Dr. E. Medei (UFRJ)

Macrophage-dependent IL-1β production induces cardiac arrhythmias in diabetic mice


Dr. M. Grüner (USP)

Fighting resistant bacteria with light – from microparticles to molecules

Prof. Dr. O. R. Thomaz (UNICAMP)

The passage of time and the permanence of fear: long-lasting tensions in contexts of conflict in Mozambique



Poster Session

Dr. S. Nascimento (Universität-Flensburg)

Rebuilding what has never been built: the impact of the 2010 earthquake and the persistent challenges for the higher education system in Haiti



Closing Ceremony


Welcoming Dinner


Cocktail Party

Dr. G. Rojas (UFSCar)

Astronomy and our place in the Universe


Music by “Navegantes do Lago” (UFSCar)



Gala Dinner (Damha Golf Club)



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